What is Qi?

Although there are many methods for flowing Qi as in Qigong, the best description is a life force we all have.
When high in Qi we are healthy.
When low in Qi we are sickly, need more sleep, and are more easily tired.
Everybody alive has some Qi, since when it is gone you are dead.
Some can focus their life force and combined body's motion, in fluid powerful dishcharges of power.

Qi has all the properties of water except that of wetness, so this is the Shaolin Buddhist meditation that is usually concentrated on.
Perhaps description is not the best word, since this entails aspects rather than a whole or essence; as a concept or non-visual image.

Some concepts of water:
  • our bodies are over 80% water;
  • Holy Water which has symbolism of the human/divine living force,
    is no more than blessed salt water, all animals need salt to survive, and the origin of most of Earth's life comes from the salt-water ocean;
  • most areas of spirit or psychic phenomena are near misty areas;
  • many shamanic practices use a spray to connect, intitate, catalyze or charge a spirit, force or entity;
  • when wave theory was being developed and tested by physicts, most of the wave models were water or fluid based;
  • the Tao Te Ching entry on water, by Lao Tzu chapter 8,
    The highest good is like water.
    Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.
    It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao.
  • Even though water is not hard or sharp, it cuts through rocks as the rivers make valleys and the rains; and ice can support tanks and stop bullets.

Measuring external qi (EQ or wei qi) during qigong healing, has shown shown Qi had these physical effects:

  1. far-infrared,
  2. heat,
  3. micro-pressure detectors
  4. microwave radiation,
  5. significant increases in wavelength to above 10 mm,
  6. significant magnetic signals,
  7. sound frequency lower than 16 Hz from qigong healers at different acupuncture points.
(Alternative Therapies, July/Aug 2004, VOL. 10, No.4; Analytic Review of External Qi Studies, page 38-41; An Analytic Review of Studies on Measuring Effects of External Qi in China by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D., M.P.H.,University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey; World Institute for Self Healing, Inc. http://www.wishus.org ).

More of the study details at: http://www.jadedragonalaska.com/scientific-qi-measurements.php

Kirlian photography has shown surrounding Qi as a bright radiating light.
Auras will show colors and states of Qi.
Many Qigong practitioners report sensations of warmth, and tingling in their hand while exercising.

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5 Blind Men Describe an Elephant

Most talk of Qi could be compared to five blind men describe an elephant.
  • The first blind man leaned up against the side of the elephant and exclaimed,
    "An elephant is like a wall."
  • The second blind man felt of the legs of the elephant and said,
    "No, the elephant is very much like a tree trunk."
  • The third blind man was examining the ears of the elephant and said,
    "The elephant is like a fan."
  • The fourth blind man was holding the elephant's trunk in his hands and
    thought the elephant was much like a fire hose.
  • The fifth blind man holding on to the elephants tail said,
    "The elephant feels very much like a rope."

All had a brief look at the elephant, and described it based on their own experiences
yet none had the entire picture of an elephant.

Features described were the subjective view of each or the real physical features of the elephant.

Much of the higher levels of the internal are a major qualatative leap from what was known and seen before.

To make this leap, it is necesssary to abandon one's old familiarities.

Qi is another Dimension of Things

A good example of this is a 3 dimensional Circle from Spaceland going into a 2 dimensional world, called Flatland, in Edwin Abbott's book:

But before your Lordship enters into further communications, would he deign to satisfy the curiosity of one who would gladly know whence his Visitor came?

STRANGER. From Space, from Space, Sir: whence else?

I. Pardon me, my Lord, but is not your Lordship already in Space, your Lordship and his humble servant, even at this moment?

STRANGER. Pooh! what do you know of Space? Define Space.

I. Space, my Lord, is height and breadth indefinitely prolonged.

STRANGER. Exactly: you see you do not even know what Space is.
You think it is of Two Dimensions only; but I have come to announce to you a Third — height, breadth, and length.

or breadth and thickness, thus denoting Two Dimensions by four names.

STRANGER. But I mean not only three names, but Three Dimensions.

I. Would your Lordship indicate or explain to me in what direction is the Third Dimension, unknown to me?

STRANGER. I came from it. It is up above and down below.

I. My Lord means seemingly that it is Northward and Southward.

STRANGER. I mean nothing of the kind. I mean a direction in which you cannot look, because you have no eye in your side.

I. Pardon me, my Lord, a moment’s inspection will convince your Lordship that I have a perfect luminary at the juncture of two of my sides.

STRANGER. Yes: but in order to see into Space you ought to have an eye,
not on your Perimeter, but on your side, that is,
on what you would probably call your inside;
but we in Spaceland should call it your side.

I. An eye in my inside! An eye in my stomach! Your Lordship jests.

STRANGER. I am in no jesting humour. I tell you that I come from Space, or, since you will not understand what Space means, from the Land of Three Dimensions whence I but lately looked down upon your Plane which you call Space forsooth.
From that position of advantage I discerned all that you speak of as SOLID (by which you mean “enclosed on four sides”), your houses, your churches, your very chests and safes, yes even your insides and stomachs, all lying open and exposed to my view.

I. Such assertions are easily made, my Lord.

STRANGER. But not easily proved, you mean. But I mean to prove mine.
When I descended here, I saw your four Sons, the Pentagons, each in his apartment, and your two Grandsons the Hexagons;
I saw your youngest Hexagon remain a while with you and then retire to his room, leaving you and your Wife alone.
I saw your Isosceles servants, three in number, in the kitchen at supper, and the little Page in the scullery. Then I came here, and how do you think I came?

I. Through the roof, I suppose.

STRANGER. Not so. Your roof, as you know very well, has been recently repaired, and has no aperture by which even a Woman could penetrate. I tell you I come from Space.
Are you not convinced by what I have told you of your children and household?

Qigong as Electricity and Water

“Qigong is a kind of frequency energy, which can be affected by the strong magnetic field and stored in the human body and released by it. When we are doing the basic exercise of qigong (e. g. cycle movements with hands in front of the abdomen), we are using the blood in the hands, the blood cells in the blood and the magnetic matters in the blood cells to crosscut the magnetic line of force of the globe.

As a result, there produces the direct current and magnetic field when the frequency of the cycle movement is 0.3-0.7 Hz, and a numb feeling appears in the hands. This kind of qi sensation is neither electric current because the feeling will disappear when the cycle movements are accelerated and the frequency is over 0.7 Hz, nor magnetic field because when the hands are placed between two pieces of strong magnet, no such feeling occurs.

The author thinks that it is a feeling caused by the magnetic resonance. There is a coincidence between the qigong phenomenon and the mechanism of the magnetic resonance when one is practicing the basic exercise of qigong. A human magnetic field with an appropriate frequency is produced, which can cause the water in one's hand to have nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The 1H and 3C are orderlessly arranged in the body, but after the qigong exercise through the auto magnetization, a magnetization state (ARROWS Here) appears. At this moment if there is an energy coming from outside, the frequency of which is correspondent to the formula of nuclear magnetic resonance: n = rHo/2p

the magnetized water may absorb the energy and there occurs the magnetic resonance state.

n is the frequency,
Ho is the intensity of the external magnetic field,
g (rotatory magnetization) and
2p are constant. The weaker the magnetic field is, the lower frequency needed.

Water and organic compounds are considered as the media for the magnetic resonance force, flowing in the body. “

Mechanism of Qigong - Magnetic Resonance, Ma Jianna, 1st World Conf Academy, Exchange Medical Qigong, 1988. From: http://www.qigonginstitute.org/shopping/preview_abstract.php?id=150

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Qi Emissions

Effect of emitted bioenergy on biochemical functions of cells
by Chien CH1, Tsuei JJ, Lee SC, Huang YC, Wei YH.

The 3-5 microns infrared spectra of the external "Qi" generated by a "Qigong" master from his palm was measured using a III-V compound semiconductor InSb detector.

It was found that certain Qigong master can emit two opposite kinds of "Qi": the "facilitating" (beneficial) and "inhibiting" (destroying) "Qi". During the facilitating "Qi" emission, large amount of infrared wave were detected by a temperature rise of the air in the vicinity. When the inhibiting "Qi" was emitted, the infrared wave was absorbed from the environment resulting in a cooling of the air.

The temperature rise or drop possibly reflects the fact that the blood flow to the palm was increased or decreased by dilating or constricting the blood vessels through parasympathetic or sympathetic nerves. The biochemical effects of emitted "Qi" from the same Qigong master on the human fibroblast FS-4 were investigated.

The facilitating "Qi" caused 1.8% increase of the cell growth in 24 hrs, 10-15% increase of DNA synthesis and 3-5% increase of protein synthesis of the cell in a 2-hr period; while inhibiting "Qi" caused 6% decrease of cell growth in a 24 hr period, 20-23% decrease of DNA synthesis and 35-48% of protein synthesis in a 2-hr period.

In addition, we found that the respiration rate of boar sperm increased 12.5-13.0% after receiving 5 min exposure in facilitating "Qi," and a decrease to 45-48% by exposure to 2-min of inhibiting "Qi." The results could be attributed to the effects of emitted "Qi" or energy containing infrared light (wave) and possibly some other types of energy.

PMID: 1767800 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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