Objective Martial Tests


One classic test for external breaking quickness, is for a partner to lightly hold a 2 inch breaking board at the top suspended by the index finger and the thumb, then you break it. If you are just strong or fast, the board will move and not break.

It is even harder, if you hold the board yourself, but it could be argued that your holding hand is involved in propelling the board or lessening its breaking resistance.

Internal Breaking Power

An objective test to see if your breaks are using internal power; is to break boards or tiles, and examine the cleavage of the break.

An externally manifested break's pattern will be angular, irregular and jagged.

An internally generated break pattern is a symmetric wave; through the X or Y axis (horizontally or vertically), the finer particled the material, the shorter the wave length.


Qi will heat the hands of a Martial Artist, just before they strike; turning the hands from red to pinkish in color. This is difficult for most to see since it is so quick and only lasts from 1/5th to 1/15th of a second. See how:
See Qi heating of the hands turning them red, click here

Breaking a Brick on the Bottom of a Stack
is NOT necessarily an Internal Strike

There are three known external effects that can cause this:

  1. The billiard ball effect; wherein one ball hits two balls that are together, and only the far ball moves. You can also get this effect by putting your left clenched fist against another’s chest, and striking your left fist on the thumb/index side; with your right hand.

  2. The room for expansion effect; where there is only room for the material to expand; on the far side of a target. This is why a bullet makes the material explode out the back and curl, at a board that was shot. When a drill goes out the backside, it leaves more of a mark also.

  3. The interleaving garment effect, the body bulges and it is only at the farthest extension, where the garment tears. This also happens when something is bound, or layered; when pressure is exerted a slight bowing occurs, causing only the outer layer to burst. Charlatans will use spacers in between bricks or boards to magnify this effect, with a stack of bricks that is usually not lying flat on the ground; but has an empty area at the bottom for the expansion.

Consider the geometry of the area of a circle. The area gets larger the further you are from the center, and maximizes at the circumference, or outermost perimeter. Energy such as light, has to be spread to a larger area as it goes farther form the originating light (center).

This effect comes into play in the larger area and volume at the end of a parachute.

n the same manner, the force at the top mushrooms out the further it gets from the top of the stack of bricks, an reaches the widest area at the bottom.

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Internal Penetrating Power

One gets a volunteer, who places a four inch thick piece pliable material; such as a thick paperback phone book to a large city, over their abdominal area. Pliable material is used to avoid the kinetic transfer of energy associated with the billiard ball effect. This effect causes the momentum of the striking ball to be transferred to the struck ball, which is sent moving.

Start with a small testing blow, then go to ¼ strength; then increment after that. Later you can try concrete, wood or steel.

The volunteer should not: deflect, move, push back, jerk or react to the blow.

If the blow; is really more of a push, the volunteer will be moved, yet not feel the blow much.

The volunteer will feel the blow; beneath the surface, but not on the surface. This effect cannot be a billiard ball type, kinetic transfer, if a soft, pliable material, such as a phone book is used. A karate punch will only be felt on the surface.

Experts or friends; will use the sternum area of males with pliable bones (usually younger men), since an external blow will mainly be felt on, or in the surface sternum bone. Special care must be used in this area to avoid heart complications. Testing blows are not usually more than 1/3 strength in this area.

From the book, Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout; which includes many methods for feeling and adjusting Qi and objective martial tests.

Fa Jing Test

Fa-Jing can be tested by doing the above test at a distance of two inches or less.

Make sure to keep the four inches of flexible material, right up against the target persons body, with no ripples or spaces.

Best not to do this are over the heart, or on the feeble. Better to do this with Internal Iron Shirt Practitioners.

Testing One's Metal Telephone Test

An example of an internal strike's power is an Internal Iron Palm strike to a telephone pole; that is bowed by the force of the strike, not bent or pushed; at the bottom of this page.

This is done at a dock, or pier, with telephone poles sunk into the sea floor, that are used to keep the dock, pier or float in place.

The test can be done anytime in fresh water, but in slatwater the tides will effect how much of the pole is above the water. If the part of the floating structure is in shallow water, and it is low tide, it would not be a good time to test. Strike the pole and photograph it, or have a partner watch the pole as you strike it.

Compare three areas of the pole,
  1. The top of the pole and any wires that are attached to the poles,
  2. The area that gets hit, when you strike it. This is the most important indicator. Some times it is good to have the line of sight, Have something in the back ground that is noticible, so you can judge the relative distance that the pole has moved.
  3. The telephone pole's location, relative to the ground level of the pier.

Compare the pole's movement at:
1) the top where the light fixture can be aligned with the wire (no movement of the top of the pole);
2) the middle area along the rail of the background boat at around waist level, near the boat's oval window (most of the movement);
3) the lower area by the feet, along the metal retaining ring (some movement).

The middle area is where the palm strike hit and bowed the pole; which cannot be done with a push.

Sifu Chin of the Florida Shaolin Kung-Fu Federation in Fort Lauderdale; is also traditional in matters concerning Internal Power. It is a secret, he feels, not to be given too freely given. “In the old times the student sometimes practiced about ten years before his master would teach him Hay Kung (internal power from breathing). In Bak Sil Lum, Hay Kung Training is prerequisite to Iron Palm in order to prevent internal injuries. Iron Palm is very dangerous, almost like carrying a gun. Proper training and medicines are very important.”

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Click below for Telephone Pole being bent with Internal Iron Palm.

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