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Martial Advantages of the Internal

Punch led kicks, that carry through to punch combos; will keep energy more flowing and continuous. Seasoned Goju fighters will do this with a front punch, followed by a back leg front kick, carrying the reverse punch. .

The hand-elbow-shoulder combinations are balanced by foot-knee-hip movements and spins so areas traveled can be coordinated to the swing of the velocity changes of the inertia and potential energy generated. Tiger Tae Kwon Do hand combinations are synchronized well with spin and turn-back side thrust kicks.

An externally hard; hand-elbow-shoulder combination is a skeleton based, erector set that's primary force is lever and axis/joint leveraged. In mathematics this concept is rudimentarily measure by how many triangle-rectangles in 'step-theory'. The more accurate mathematically theory of differential/integral calculus; requires an understanding of the flowing concepts of wave theory. An internal blow flows like water, with the force more efficiently delivered like a whip. Once applied, the internal conforms to the target better.

A hard-external arm blow must usually chambered/pocketed first to get it's full power; whereas an internal blow can attain killing power in two inches or less. If and when the blow misses, the hard/external fighter's movement must go the longer route back and forth to the initial launch point of the chamber/pocket. For example, most karate the chamber/pocket area for the front punch is either with the fists at the waste, or tucked up higher along the body's side ranging all the way up to the armpit, for some styles.

Internal blows can be a 'continuous and returning fist', maintaining their momentum and power as they travel and change direction, so you get many 'second chances if the first attempt does not connect. A karate front snap punch, has all the force released at the end of the blow, and is jerked/snapped back, so there is nothing left of the power generated; they have to reload! If you want to rely on that, then go ahead, not me.

Most martial arts masters agree that just as serious training in a proper method can greatly improve one’s health, strenuous and prolonged training in an improper method can destroy health. Often the health damage is attributed to improper breathing practices, and often the damage is to the brain. Special use of the breath is acknowledged by every martial arts style as a key element to developing power, though different styles have different breathing methods. Proper methods can be simply categorized as those which develop power while building health, and improper methods as those which either fail to build power or build it but at the expense of one’s health. Though many of the ways in which breathing methods affect health remain mysterious, the methods themselves - at least the proper methods - have been empirically refined over many generations.


To be calm means that you stand still. When you stand still, keep everything in the navel; when you move, energy shoots out from the navel in connection with obvious and concealed energy. When you relax and keep the ch’i in the navel, the outside and the inside combine. Take no action: fix your eyes on your enemy’s two eyes and his limbs. When you move your body coordinated with your hands and legs, that is function. …
During a fight pay heed to the soft and the hard. Do not rely on the hard staying hard, because it can change to soft. “

Chinese Boxing, Masters and Methods, by Robert W. Smith, page 103, published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 1974, 1990

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In the past language translations were not accurate when using the term ’visualize Qi’, because the concept of feeling Qi was foreign to most Westerners. Feeling Qi has only recently been articulated; although it has been previously practiced. Most of scholastics and marketing is visually driven in modern commercial times.

Some have mistakenly used the term ‘external’, for the more accurate term of internally hard, outside obvious.

If the martial art uses only external actions, they are on the realm of lower level Karate.

Even some Karate schools train in the internally hard after some level of black belt.

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