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Axe Hand; Hsing-i &
Internal Strength Workout

The book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, is Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts with many methods for developing internal energy which have never been published before. Comments and focus of practice help with one’s own level of development, giving training insight into the internals, never articulated before.

A hard-external arm blow must usually chambered/pocketed first to get it's full power; whereas an internal blow can attain killing power in two inches or less. If and when the blow misses, the hard/external fighter's movement must go the longer route back and forth to the initial launch point of the chamber/pocket. For example, most karate practitioners start the punch in the chamber/pocket area with the fists at the waist, or tucked up higher along the body's side ranging all the way up to the armpit, for some styles.

Internal blows can be a 'continuous and returning fist', maintaining their momentum and power as they travel and change direction, so you get many 'second chances if the first attempt does not connect. A karate front snap punch, has all the force released at the end of the blow, and is jerked/snapped back, so there is nothing left of the power generated; they have to reload!

Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, book reviewed on Facebook

Congrats upon a very well researched and written book of information. I read some of it and I must say that it is based upon a very good spiritual will of researched work into the English language.

I appreciate very much your attached document of your valuable knowledge, as I'm of mother tongue Chinese(Cantonese), frankly I do need a considerable period of time to comprehand the content and for repeatedly studying your knowledge I then might be able to get to the core of the skill you had been endeavured for decades.

And may I have your permission that I want to share this email with my dearest siJut sifu Robert Louie and for the time being, I remain, yours sincerely
Eagle Claw Master Fu Leung


Five Move Martial Tai Chi Set

This form enables one to make use of the ground, that is accented by the rooting stance in the construction gravel.

This Old Super Short Form, shows the energy between the moves. Tai Chi OSS can be done blindfolded, on mountain tops (Shasta), and I have even done it at 30,000 feet in the head of a plane.

All of the moves are Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts (TCIM).

This form transcends style, and be done in long or short movements; fast or slow. I learned this form in the early 1970s, and it was taught by a number of unaffaliated schools.

Shortest Form in the World: Old Super Short (OSS) Form

Click for Tai Chi Video

Tai Chi Energy

Tai Chi circulates energy in your body and heals through increasing the healing life force; Qi (Chi). Tai Chi movements, and Qigong unblock the energy flow through body energy channels (meridians), as does Acupuncture. Smooth flowing “chi” energy, good energy replaces stagnant energy that causes sickness.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, weak chi energy causes weak body function and therefore illness. Health is dependant upon strong and smooth flowing chi energy. When the cell's own repair mechanisms are able to function with the availability of this energy, healing begins.

The healing of Tai Chi is highlighted in areas where modern medicine has yet to discover effective treatments for: cancer, arthritis, diabetes, neuromuscular diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, and chronic auto-immune diseases. Healing is complimented by other non-prescription therapies, such as diet and herbs.

Chi circulation improves blood and lymph circulation, so it effectively strengthens your immune system. This strengthening, will help in slowing down the effects of cancer, and aid in recovery.

Tai Chi Forms and Qigong

Continuous and returning fist; Yang style; short (5 move) and long forms (101 moves). Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and push hands basics. Health, internal strength, calm spirit, and a sure technique for self defense.

Moving and standing forms of Embrace the Moon (Standing Pole, Hold the Ball, Hug the Tree), as well as Prayer Hands Qigong for feeling Qi yourself. Moving forms help you adjust your own Qi by testing it.
More on Tai Chi

(Hsing-i, Xing Yi)

Hsing-I uses the same Five Element Theory as acupuncture for health, and for martial power and balance as well. The I-Ching uses what is there before it takes form.

Hsing I Five Elements detailed intruction complete with photos and Twelve Animals step by step instructions.

Hsing Yi Water (click here)

Hsing-I uses this ‘I’, to stage the stepping motion to aid in the positioning, momentum and anchoring to hit with combined internal power. Many Qigong practices the same energy focus involving the Lower Dan Tien; Hsing-i directs its rooted power with the Lower Dan Tien. `

Hsing Yi Chicken; shows dynamic moving root connection to the ground

More on Hsing Yi

Internal Martial Arts

To practice Tai Chi, Ba Gua, or even Qigong without a real grasp and feeling of Qi, is to go through the motions with an empty shell.

The Qi moving through the moves, and in between the moves; is what gives the internal its power. Without Qi, these are no more than a pretty dance; as a car is when an engine is running in neutral.

The hollow shaft of a metal arrow can deliver some martial force; however when that tube is filled with a propellant and payload, it becomes a jet or missile.

This book’s focus is the development, feeling, testing and using Qi yourself.

What is Qi (click here)

The internal energy focus of the book has many paths: hard and soft style Qigong, static and moving postures. Calming emphasis in Qi methods for energy pooling and meridian circulation. Quick projection of explosive Fa Jing in health or attack; as is used in Dim Mak and healing hands.

More on Qigong

Wrist and fore-arm stretches to help energy flow:
  • these can help with tendonitis, typing hands, carp-tunnel, and muscle knots;
  • that will help the energy flow through your wrists,
  • preventing injury and learning wrist locks
  • as well as teaching grappling seizures and locks,
  • and will help you transfer it more effectively;

Progress, consciousness, and power are all tested objectively in meditation, Qigong, martial drills, as well as in-animate objects.

Standing Pole (Embrace the Moon or Hold the Ball) shifting the water and rising-expanding/sinking-contracting;

Fore-arm Throw double set, dynamic drill, adjusting moving root, responsive blocking enabling the same move for offence and defense, center of Qi as it moves through oneself and the center between two people; Hsing-i San Ti: standing and moving for Qi and Fa Jing;

Workout book contains many everyday methods for internals, meditations, rooting, exercises, tests and self adjustments.

Good for all backgrounds since the essence is emphasized, rather than a particular language; although words are used, it is more what is between the words. Instruction goes from the individual’s known, to his related unknown. Taught with the common ground of the 'shared lived experience' .

Internal means independent thought rather than compliance to a doctrine, having it make sense to you, in your own way: this is truly internal since its intrinsic nature is your soul.

Common theme with other energy work: of removing blocks through meditation, stretching, and exercise. Traditional development of the energy and awareness before the technique as is the case in many ancient traditions.

Developing and practicing the 'universal' of the Qigong, rather than the particular application. Plato talks about universal concepts such as what is in common with all chairs to make them a chair.

Some Qigong very Yang, and will heat palms, the Yang Qigong methods will not only heat the practitioner, but the entire room.

These are detailed in the book Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
available at publishler or at

More on Traditional Internal Training in my book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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Contact email at: See below, for an Internal Iron Palm strike to a telephone pole, that is bowed by the force of the strike.

Compare the pole's movement at:
1) the top where the light fixture can be aligned with the wire (no movement of the top of the pole);
2) the middle area along the rail of the background boat at around waist level, near the boat's oval window (most of the movement);
3) the lower area by the feet, along the metal retaining ring (some movement).

This middle area is where the palm strike hit and bowed the pole; which cannot be done with a push.

Sifu Chin of the Florida Shaolin Kung-Fu Federation in Fort Lauderdale, is also traditional in matters concerning Internal Power. It is a secret, he feels, not to be given too freely given. “In the old times the student sometimes practiced about ten years before his master would teach him Hay Kung (internal power from breathing)P. In Bak Sil Lum, Hay Kung Training is prerequisite to Iron Palm in order to prevent internal injuries. Iron Palm is very dangerous, almost like carrying a gun. Proper training and medicines are very important.”

Click below for video of telephone pole being bowed by hand strike with Internal Iron Palm

Internal Combinations, click on widget below. 

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Hsing Yi Monkey, click on widget below
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