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Hsing Yi Water

Some will start teaching Hsing Yi with the element Water, rather than the more popular introduction of Metal (Axe Hand). One uses Water in setting up the energy for Metal. Water springs up like lightning. Hsing Yi Animal Dove, is similar as is a move in Eagle-Bear.

Practicing Water strengthens the Kidneys.

The upward forward arm strike can be used as a block, as well as a strike; as in a
dynamic striking-block (cover).

One lowers their center of gravity, by rooting their stance deep beneath the ground. One can check the advance of an opponent, or pin his position with this uppercut.

'In Water (Zuan) the front hand first goes from palm upward to down blocking, as one would overturn a cup of water then passed and collected by rear hand with an outward to inward twist rooted on or below the ground. The rear hand which becomes the right hand, strikes with a spurting energy springing upward.
Internal power is gathered by the rear-hand: draw the energy in toward the Lower Dan Tien; as the palm downward-hand turns down and inward to a palm upward uppercut; inhaling. The rear strike will be more rooted, by next pooling this transferred-gathered energy beneath the ground of the rear foot, up to six feet below the surface.
This is the root platform from which the springing rising hand strikes upward in an uppercut”, from
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout

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Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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