Unbendable Arm

When water is rushing through a fire hose at a high pressure rate, and flowing out of the nozzle, it is nearly impossible to bend sideways.  This is due to the internal strength of the water flowing within.

Infants flow their Qi better than most adults, are less uptight, learn faster, and more natural, animalistic as well as limber.  As most are processed by overly structured education, religion, cultural and social constraints, blocks are put up to free expression.  Just as un-oiled leather becomes rigid; so do our connective tissues, and most as they get older cannot stretch as far as when they were young.  Any chiropractor will tell you how we loose joints do to lack of use, and when not bent; two connecting bones will fuse together into one.

Watch a tiger move, do you see an erector set, or a pulley system of tendons?  I see wave actions, animals have unblocked Qi, and keep limber. 

Place a penny in an infant’s (6 months) palm, in the middle and let him close his had over it to wrap the penny in a fist.  Gently try and pry the fist open to get the penny, gradually and evenly exerting increasing pressure to pry the fist open with your fingertips.  Even a full grown man will have difficulty opening the infant’s hand.  Why: the man has more muscle, yet the infant is using his Qi intrinsically. 

Does this mean that every infant is Qigong master; no.  What it does mean that we all have some incredible power that we can tap into with training. 

Qi flow is best exercised by the Tai Chi, Embrace the Moon or the Hsing Yi, San Ti Shi, but is best tested by Unbendable Arm

Extend your arm outward to the side and maintain it in a fixed position, without flexing the muscles.
Here is how to test:
1) muscle use will show the muscles enlarged with blood,
    the arm-hand will be rigid and/or spring back reactively.
2) when using Qi, the arm will have a little flexibility, but not much: like rattan.
3) the tissue response from being pressed down is more resilient,
    than when limp yet has more give than when contracted muscularly.

If it were just the joints locking, without muscle tension, no explanation is given as to how this done consciously.  Even if this were to be explained, it does not explain why the muscle tissue is neither limp nor flexed. 

For more detail of Unbendable Arm and other tests see Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, available at:
publisher Lulu


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