T I E D Y E I N G 'S

Tie Dying was invented in the wilderness area of Strawberry Creek, close to the town of Big Sur, California in the 1960s.

I arrived in the area in the early 1970s. The area was off-road a few miles in via a hiking trail, at the base of the lowest of three large waterfalls and small lakes at their base.

Their was a very health communal spirit in the making of the T-shirts. People would camp for a few days to a few weeks usually. I was there for as long as two months at a time.

People shared their fires, swapped goods, advise and stories. Some bartered their wilderness experience to those unfamiliar with camping.

This area of the Los Padres Forest was becoming a Mecca for a near utopian existance of hikers, hippies, naturalists, independents and free thinkers. With a large variety of backgrounds, the community was becoming self-sufficient

Word got out to the wrong crowd, and rednecks attacked the camps. I had advocated for moving to the other two falls that were higher up, but that motion did not have a majority. Both were more defensible, and also gave people more warning time when attacked.

The attacks were in tandem with local police harassment, some fueled by town inn keepers. Eventually mounted police stormed the place with clubs and tear gas, turning this into a forest version of People's Park.

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