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Tai Chi Reeling Silk Qigong

Reeling Silk to the Right:

both hands drop to waist level on the left side, as if holding a ball, left hand on top with palm downward, right hand on bottom, palm upward;

inhale and sink slightly bending at the knees, as you gather Chi in between your palms, this is the ball held like a cup of water between your side and center;

exhale as you move both arms simultaneously away from each other, on a diagonal plane of 45 degrees or less: the front right ridge palm upward hand sliding upward, as the rear left heel ridge palm downward hand slides downward;

this is the action of reeling the silk from a silk worm's cocoon, in order to draw out the silk successfully the action must be consistent and smoothly; without jerking or changing direction sharply (when done too fast the silk breaks; when too slow, it sticks to itself and becomes tangled);

the connection between the two palms could also be viewed as salt water taffy: bending and stretching, but not tearing;

the Chi between your hands is shared and separated evenly between the two hands.

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