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The Sword as a Teacher

FOREARM THROW: Developing Sensitivity of Opponent’s Root, Center of Qi, Balance and Root

A prerequisite is to be familiar with the Rowing Exercise, Shifting the Water or equivalent.
    This is a four part exercise:

  1. arm swinging in-place,
  2. step and turn 180 degrees while swinging arms from side to side,
  3. step and turn with a staff,
  4. step and turn with a partner using a throw or arm-lock. Arm Swing Side To Side.

a) Stand in a Horse Stance with both arms hanging relaxed at the left side of your waist. Next our arms will be moving from the left side to the right side.

b) Left side should be full (of Qi and usually more weighted) and right side empty, left leg slightly more bent than right.

Movement will start at ankle, continue through the knee, then hip and directed by the Lower Dan Tien.

Inhale while raising both arms simultaneously to shoulder level to midpoint at center in front of you; as you

This is done here with the sword.

More on Traditional Internal Training in my book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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