Settle into the cross-legged position, lotus if possible. 

 Initially position hands as in Standing Pole Qigong, as described in the book: Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout. 

Lower the hand pair to position of the Sitting Buddha by allowing the outside surface of the right hand to slip on the inside (palm) of the left hand; thumbs pointing toward each other, curved inward slightly.   

Adjust feeling and openness of energy connection by adjusting the joint area between the thumb/index finger pair; the Tiger’s Gate.  A vent/type angle of vertical, tends to help act as a shield, and is best used for this pooling exercise. 

In this position, the body’s energies are concentrated in a small, stable area, and because on can hold this position for a long time, it is ideal for ‘concentrating the pool of Qi’, and when one is going in and out of  consciousness (dozing or falling asleep), little is needed to hold this position.   Some can hold it through sleep.  This draws on the perceptions, power, and knowledge of the sub-conscious and un-conscious (spirit & essences). 



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