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Internal Northern Shaolin Bow

  • Both hands are pushed downward along the torso's side; as one sinks into their stance, forming the root at 3-6 feet below the surface.
  • The energy is returned form the Earth root upward as the arms rise to the Lower Dan Tien level.
  • The arms continue to rise, crossing and then seperating as they move upware over the head, as a flower would unfold its pedals (lotus) as one rises.
  • The arms are inhaled inward to the Middle Dan Tien to Prayer Hands.
  • The arms are lowered into the Earth deep, and then one's root is resecured.

When the bow is done in this manner, one can use the downward palm push in the Lohan one-handed bow, the Hsing-i Element Water's downward block ; to name a few.

Some do internals after learning Northern Shaolin; others, such as my teacher Grandmaster Joe Greenstein, start Northern Shaolin internally. The practice of meditation, Qigong, are fully integrated from the bow, through every move; the beginning sets are not done much, the advanced 10 sets are. These are done internally, every move; both hard and soft.

6th SET (Tun Ta, Short Strike, SHORT FIGHTING) uses part of this move toward the beginning of the set.

The energy between the moves in the set is the same as: Internal Iron Shirt, Internal Iron Palm, and in push hands, this energy is felt on contact as 'Cotton Over Steel'. I have only felt this with two Grandmasters; the late Joseph Greenstein (The Mighty Atom), and Wong Jack Man.

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