Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout,
review by Master Robert Louie (NorthernShaolin)

I highly recommend this book because, not only does it contain Hsing-i methods for a string base but also pulls his experiences from other internal arts. It is a book with accumulative and valuable knowledge that is not easily given out on internal development. Most of it is here in this book. The author's Hsing-i training is from GM Wong Jack Man of the Jing Mo Physical Cultural Association in San Francisco.

Now recognize this fact. All of us who practice external styles like BSL, Mantis, CLF, Hung Gar, Fut Gar, Mi Tsung or Lohan, will need to consider taking the next step in helping yourself preserve your body and your general overall health. ... Many of them made that transition from external to an internal style. Our GM Kuo has made that transition to Hsing-i at an early age when he was in his late 20's/early 30's.

This book, Axe Hand: Hsing -i and Internal Strength, covers a variety of topics and offers anyone who is interested in learning more about what internal art training is. ... The sooner you start, the better you will be in the future. A good place and time to start is with this book. Some of the topics are deep as in any good book on internal arts but like everything that is good for you, you need to read it and re-read it until you understand the meaning and purpose behind it. As with any excellent book, you take what you can and develop it and go back and learn some more to develop it more. There is no magic pill but at least this book will help you start your journey to the next level.

I highly recommend this book for those individuals who want or has the desire to go to the next level in TCMA.":

Robert Louie.

See Kan MA wrote:

I appreciate very much your attached document of your valuable knowledge, as I'm of mother tongue
Chinese(Cantonese) , frankly I do need a considerable period of time to comprehand the content and for repeatedly studying your knowledge I then might be able to get to the core of the skill you had been endeavured for decades.

And may I have your permission that I want to share this email with my dearest siJut sifu Robert Louie and for the time being, I remain, yours sincerely


Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout book reviewed on Facebook


Gregory Hayes

Congrats upon a very well reserched and written book of information.

I read some of it and I must say that it is based upon a very good spiritual will of researched work into the English language.

Fu Leung


External ability will not get you to the highest levels of Shaolin:

‘We constantly observe external stylists trying so hard in all their jumping and shouting. Such training only ingrains a habit of excessive effort. ...To emphasize anger makes one stiff, and to emphasize effort makes one clumsy. How could we talk of nimbleness in such cases? When practicing the solo set, it should be completely natural and not have the least bit of strenuous effort. ‘

Author’s Preface, written by Grandmaster Gu Ruzhang (Kou Yu Chang)of Jiangsu at the Guangzhou Martial Arts Society, 1936

Martial Advantages of the Internal

Punch led kicks, that carry through to punch combos; will keep energy more flowing and continuous. Seasoned Goju fighters will do this with a front punch, followed by a back leg front kick, carrying the reverse punch.

A hard-external arm blow must usually chambered/pocketed first to get its full power; whereas an internal blow can attain killing power in two inches or less. If and when the blow misses, the hard/external fighter's movement must go the longer route back and forth to the initial launch point of the chamber/pocket. For example, most karate the chamber/pocket area for the front punch is either with the fists at the waste, or tucked up higher along the body's side ranging all the way up to the armpit, for some styles.

Internal blows can be a 'continuous and returning fist', maintaining their momentum and power as they travel and change direction, so you get many 'second chances if the first attempt does not connect. A karate front snap punch, has all the force released at the end of the blow, and is jerked/snapped back, so there is nothing left of the power generated; they have to reload! If you want to rely on that, then go ahead, not me.

A dynamic striking block (cover); can only be propelled by internal energy. This blow changes with the move of the opponent, as a push would in Tai Chi 'push hand's.

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Click here for Internal Iron Palm empty hand strike of telephone pole; bows the pole!

Many static and moving meditative Qigongs in the book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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