Northern Shaolin Buddhist meditation based consciousness of no-thing, no-mind and non attachment that stresses essences that transcend form; and that go between various forms.

Wei Dan
(aka External Training)

Wei Dan is designed for coordinating the mind and muscle/tendons/fasciae by leading the Qi to the limbs. The Qi cannot be lead to the limbs without the concentrated mind.

The tendons and muscles should be relaxed as possible; otherwise it will slow the Qi circulation in that area. This tension will over-develop the muscles, causing them to loose their elasticity, and the body to become overly Yang.

Fasciae are found between the skin and the muscles, between layers of muscles and between the muscles and bones. Wai Dan training increases the fasciae in its role of smooth movement of adjoining parts; enabling them to act in together in wave like movements. This is whole body power.

The fasciae are poor electrical conductors. Qi is used to nourish the muscle, tendons, fasciae, and bones. The most common cause for Qi stagnation is the fasciae. Wei Dan training uses the fasciae to store electrical charges.

This will give the muscles and tendons an internal root, resulting in internal strength.

Martial Training

You will learn feeling Qi, not visualizing through sensing-seeing with your gut (Lower Dan Tien), hands, feet etc. Past experience is utilized as you learn to recognize previously felt sensations of positive and negative Qi.

There are hard styles, as well as soft styles of Qigong. The meditation includes physical, non physical and un-physical; and the inter-relationship of these.

Good for all backgrounds since mind to mind emphasized, rather than a particular language; although words are used, it is more what is between the words. Instruction goes from the individual’s known, to his related unknown. Taught with the common ground of the 'shared lived experience' of the Sifu as you both practice; as articulated in the Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl. One becomes one with the method, rather than following or copying the Sifu.

Internal means independent thought rather than compliance to a doctrine, having it make sense to you, in your own way: this is truly internal since its intrinsic nature is your soul.

Non-visual seeing of what is in common with different methods and/or schools, rather than separating the discipline as is developed in the Native American Tradition.

Nei Juang Kung

  1. Wai Juan training is useless without Nei Juang (internal strength)
  2. The Nei Juang must be built before the Wai Kuang:
    a) keep the center,
    b) do not think of other places,
    c) use Qi for fullness.
  3. Keeping your center is primary for focus; this helps to keep emotions and desires in check.
  4. Do not train your limbs unless you have built up your Nei Juang at the center. This is Nei Juang is the foundation that your training is built on. Who would build a house on an unstable foundation?

A strong outside with a weak or hollow inside, is nothing but a shell; Humpty Dumpy Kung Fu or Tai Chi. A wheel can have strong spoke, but without a strong center hub, the wheel will be crushed.

Many Qigong Methods

Qi (Chi) work for even flow of energy and quick release energy for projecting good and bad such as Dim Mak and healing hands. Calming Qigong and meditation for lowering blood pressure, as well as stimulating and charging Qigong and Hsing-i.

Weapons accentuating Qigong are taught; Tai Chi Sword, Hsing i Five Element Saber and Five Element Spear, Aikido Staff, Samurai Sword (based on Hsing I Saber), Two Section Staff (Nunchaku) and Three-Piece Nunchaku.

Root connection to Earth lengthened and strengthened as in First Nations dance and shamanism. No belief system is necessary, anymore than one would believe in electricity: you will feel it, test and use it.

Classic exercises are Standing Pole (Embrace the Moon), and holding Hsing-i San Ti stance.

I have found that sitting for long periods of time in all of the cross legged positions, including lotus; will help align the hips and lower back for deep horse stances.

The Lotus Cobra position helps with another part, as do the splits.

Many static and moving meditative Qigongs in the book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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Qi Emissions

Effect of emitted bioenergy on biochemical functions of cells,
by Chien CH1, Tsuei JJ, Lee SC, Huang YC, Wei YH.

The 3-5 microns infrared spectra of the external "Qi" generated by a "Qigong" master from his palm was measured using a III-V compound semiconductor InSb detector.

It was found that certain Qigong master can emit two opposite kinds of "Qi": the "facilitating" (beneficial) and "inhibiting" (destroying) "Qi". During the facilitating "Qi" emission, large amount of infrared wave were detected by a temperature rise of the air in the vicinity. When the inhibiting "Qi" was emitted, the infrared wave was absorbed from the environment resulting in a cooling of the air.

The temperature rise or drop possibly reflects the fact that the blood flow to the palm was increased or decreased by dilating or constricting the blood vessels through parasympathetic or sympathetic nerves. The biochemical effects of emitted "Qi" from the same Qigong master on the human fibroblast FS-4 were investigated.

The facilitating "Qi" caused 1.8% increase of the cell growth in 24 hrs, 10-15% increase of DNA synthesis and 3-5% increase of protein synthesis of the cell in a 2-hr period; while inhibiting "Qi" caused 6% decrease of cell growth in a 24 hr period, 20-23% decrease of DNA synthesis and 35-48% of protein synthesis in a 2-hr period.

In addition, we found that the respiration rate of boar sperm increased 12.5-13.0% after receiving 5 min exposure in facilitating "Qi," and a decrease to 45-48% by exposure to 2-min of inhibiting "Qi." The results could be attributed to the effects of emitted "Qi" or energy containing infrared light (wave) and possibly some other types of energy.

PMID: 1767800 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

More Qigong Methods

Some karate schools will have a partner stand on your thighs or shoulders; while you hold horse stance.

Some other methods for strengthening your root are hiking with a pack of 50-100% of you body weight, tug-of war, and pushing cars.

When kicking one can test there root on a front thrust, or side-thrust kick; by kicking against a tree with a pushing or internal strike, and not getting knocked off balance. You should go back, and sink into ground.

One can test rooting by walking across an ankle deep fast moving creek. Another method is by testing your fixed stance in waist deep surf, should work as well with wave approaching, as with the returning undertow.

A moving root, is tested with a Skim Board (Boogie Board).

Commonality with other energy work:
1) Removing blocks through meditation, stretching, and exercise;
2) Five Element theory of Acupuncture in Qigong and Nei Gung as manifested through Tai Chi and Hsing Yi; and
3) Grand Circulation Method.

Some Qigong very Yang, and will heat palms: see RedPalm on Facebook. The Yang Qigong methods will not only heat the practitioner, but the entire room.

Environment conducive to building energy stressed:
1) minimizing electrical and radio radiation,
2) minimizing the effects of overcrowding and negative people,
3) practicing in areas of primitive and pristine natural energies.
4) complimenting with natural radiation.

Developing energy and awareness before the technique as is the case in many ancient traditions.

Developing and practicing the 'universal' of the Qigong, rather than the particular application. Plato talks about universal concepts such as what is in common with all chairs to make them a chair.

Qi as Water - Magnetic Resonance

“Qigong is a kind of frequency energy, which can be affected by the strong magnetic field and stored in the human body and released by it. When we are doing the basic exercise of qigong (e. g. cycle movements with hands in front of the abdomen), we are using the blood in the hands, the blood cells in the blood and the magnetic matters in the blood cells to crosscut the magnetic line of force of the globe.

As a result, there produces the direct current and magnetic field when the frequency of the cycle movement is 0.3-0.7 Hz, and a numb feeling appears in the hands. This kind of qi sensation is neither electric current because the feeling will disappear when the cycle movements are accelerated and the frequency is over 0.7 Hz, nor magnetic field because when the hands are placed between two pieces of strong magnet, no such feeling occurs.

The author thinks that it is a feeling caused by the magnetic resonance. There is a coincidence between the qigong phenomenon and the mechanism of the magnetic resonance when one is practicing the basic exercise of qigong. A human magnetic field with an appropriate frequency is produced, which can cause the water in one's hand to have nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The 1H and 3C are orderlessly arranged in the body, but after the qigong exercise through the auto magnetization, a magnetization state (ARROWS Here) appears. At this moment if there is an energy coming from outside, the frequency of which is correspondent to the formula of nuclear magnetic resonance: n = rHo/2p

the magnetized water may absorb the energy and there occurs the magnetic resonance state.

n is the frequency,
Ho is the intensity of the external magnetic field,
g (rotatory magnetization) and
2p are constant. The weaker the magnetic field is, the lower frequency needed

Water and organic compounds are considered as the media for the magnetic resonance force, flowing in the body. “

Mechanism of Qigong - Magnetic Resonance, Ma Jianna, 1st World Conf Academy, Exchange Medical Qigong, 1988.

Water Meditation

Meditating on the feeling/concept/essence of water except that of wetness. All life comes from water. Water does not stick or become rigid, yet rivers can carve paths in rock. When water is running through a fire hose, you cannot bend it, because you are not going with the flow.
Humans are made up of over 70% water, blessing oneself in church and making the sign of the cross involves Holy Water, and it is used in baptizing.
From: Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, Different Meditations, page 89

Book shows how to feel Qi(Chi) and contains many everyday methods for internals, meditations, rooting, exercises, tests and self adjustments.
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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