Praying Mantis
Practice Drills

7-Star Praying Mantis Bong Po
in Chest Deep Water

Not too good for developing your root or grounding your blow but it is good for emphasizing the bounce or spring method, rythym in the line of successive mantis moves, keeping it smooth, silky and very fluid

  • If the movement through water is too rigid, it will be too slow.
  • When the move is excessively limp, is will not add to the speed of the next move.
  • The path of the body through the water must be felt and guided in it's entirety, to facilitate glide and momentum.

7-Star Praying Mantis Bong Po
on Rectangular Float

Find a float that is rectangular, and that will rock a little with your movement. One that is not responsive to shifts in weight, is too rigid. A float that wobbles with every step, is too weak. I have used a float with the dimensions of 3 feet by 24 feet, that is also attached by one end to a main walkway.

The long part of the float should align with the longer successive linear forward moves in the form.
    While practicing pay close attention to:

  • The balance of one's move relative to revolving from one's own vertical center line; centrifugally,
  • The balance scale effect of reciprocating moves relative to body's gravity,
  • The balance scale effect of reciprocating moves relative to one's center of Chi.

Although most would not USE Mantis martially in soft style, practicing it in soft style, sometimes; helps with the balance and centering, as well as adjusting the counter move to reciprocrate.

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