Nunchaku - Two Section Staff

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Internal Training

The Two Section Staff (nunchakus) can strike repeatedly at many angles, with a leveraged force, quickly. Many will twirl them in a fixed pattern, standing in-place, at a target that does not move: baton twirlers. These twirlers will gain speed by keeping the nunchaku path in a small, unchanging pattern. The radius of the swing is smaller, so the leverage factor causes the martial power delivered to be cut exponentially; The length of the stick being half so the power goes down to between 1/4 and 1/8th of its fully extended power.

When the Two Section Staff is done internally, with the whole body and a leveraged stance; it is like getting hit with a wooden or steel whip. The baton twirlers hit like a fan, and in combat have been easily defeated by an one strike bat, or large knife; since the opponent can take some of these twirly nunchakus. No seasoned fighter is going to stand motionless and watch someone rev up the speed of their nunchakus.

Internal Martial Arts will enable a quick startup, change, and focusing of the Two Section Staff / Nunchakus; this is the difference between quick and fast.

Some of those properly trained for less than 2 years; have taken on five times their number with clubs.

Practicing Martial Sets
    Unrealistic baton twirling of nunchakus:

  • Some will twirl the nunchakus at a fixed target in front of them: this is not realistic to expect a fighter to stand and watch you perform without moving.
  • Some will stand in a fixed stance without moving themselves: the momentum is different when you change the angle of your stance to respond to an attack or opening.
  • The orbits and figure 8's generate a stabilizing effect like a gyroscope's use in rockets, this affects your stance and your stance can add to it. A practice set without this the spinning effect is no more than a propeller stuck without wheels.
    Nunchakus/ Two Section Staff Flight Path Changes Every Time You Hit
  • When you make contact with the weapon, it will change direction: practicing repetitive motion is not realistic and amounts to no more than baton twirling of a marching band. Quick changes must be practiced or the chucks will backfire on you.
  • As the Two Section Staff (Nunchakus) strikes a surface, it will change the speed and momentum of the spin, and your bodies position must reflect this, as well as your stance. A strong moving root is essential, and is only developed through Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

    Nunchaku Sets with Empty Hand
  • . For novices, some sets help teach the movement's strength by incorporation of other strikes and body movement.
  • The two-section staff (nunchaku) will sometimes roar, they are going so fast. Your body cannot keep up with that kind of speed and stress.
  • Empty hand movements are few and far between and must be internal to keep the stronger momentum of the Two Section Staff going and rooted.

Internal Benefits

a) Teaches fluid bending action of legs and arm and scissor front step;

b) Develops seeing without the eyes, as the weapon:
i) is passed behind the back,
ii) goes faster than you can see and iii) is passed behind the shoulder;

c) OSS and 8 patterns:
i) for changing direction,
ii) accelerating,
iii) orbiting gravitationals,
iv) stabilizing effect of gyroscopes,
v) for stepping, as in Ba Gua;
vi) shows an internally hard (hard and moving with whip action);
vii) is a good teacher for rooting and centering if done while walking.

Lian Jia Gun
Sweeper or Shao Zi

Shao Zi Gun was created during the Northern Song (Sung) Dynasty, by Yang Xie (1023-1064 AD), when it was recommended to the Emperor as a military weapon.

This sweeping action is ideal for catching wide areas; deflecting, blocking and striking. The sweeping can use soft or hard internal energy.

Patterns of movement lend themselves to quick adjustments of flight path, martial trajectory, speed, focus, potential energy, momentum, and impact area. There are similarities to the gyroscope of effect of riding a bicycle, stabilizing it. Others sense similar rotor and/or propeller trends and characteristics.

Practice will sweep defects in one’s blocking and catching, as well as their moving stance and root. Regular use will sweep away any loose ends in your attire, posture and/or movements. Lian Jia Gun is one of the best tools for perfecting blind sweeping catches and awareness; The Golden Sweeper.

The shorter swing radius of some 2 section staffs (the shorter nunchakus or chucks), can have a turbine action affecting balance; beyond a pendulum swing with major gravitational effects.

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Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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