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Xingyi Monkey

One arm’s energy can act to mask, and pave the path of the next arm’s.

In chess this is hiding behind an attack is called ‘Check Under Cover’. When one piece is moved, just by it’s relocation; clears the path for another piece to attack the opponent. Those skilled in its use, attack with this piece as it simultaneously releases the barrier to the attack path it was blocking; resulting in two attacks with one move.

The passive strength restrains the body to avoid opponents, with the chest hollowed like a monkey’s and the ribs shrunk in, the energy gathered and strictly confined. The active strength extends the arms and lengthens the sinews, moving with vigor. To begin training in the boxing arts these days, surely the active strength is the suitable one.

Kao Kun means Monkey Boxing. This style utilizes agile body movement to evade the opponent's attacks by using low squatting stances and jumping. The style includes an emphasis on grabbing, clawing, and palm striking as offensive actions. This style was one of the ancestor styles of Ngo Cho, five ancestor, style. The monkey style is sometimes known as Ta Sien, Great Ancestor style.

The book Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, on Monkey:

'One of the best for closing the gap, and using longer distances, that are shielded with a continuous flurry of arm movements. Monkey step is used by other Shaolin systems such as Praying Mantis and Drunken Styles.
The far front hand lowers; inhaling while gathering energy from the ground,
One arm’s energy can act to mask, and pave the path of the next arm’s. One application could be paved paws, one to grab; pulling the opponent into the other arm’s blow. An energy concept of forward fist’s application, might be similar to a multiple stage rocket (Monkey Jump for the feet).'

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Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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