(along with Qigong; may prevent Carpal-Tunnel)

Putting some White Flower analgesic ointment on area 5 minutes prior to increase circulation, loosen muscles and minimize pain. Start by going over the area with your finger, gently at first, then deeper to the bone.

Next do the same thing with a smooth rock, which you can get from a beach, river or rock tumbling. Best stone is jadeite jade, quartz, and nephrite jade are good also. Some use basalt.

Main theory of use of the jadeite stone for is based on applying mild pressure to a knot, and hold the energy (aka. Chi, Qi, Ki, or Prajna) over the troubled area till it releases. This is similar to Shiatsu, and Acupressure.

Jadeite jade will heat up with use. Heating the jadeite before using it, helps relax the muscle. Ki massage uses hot rock therapy and stone massage.

Jade has been regarded as a mystical stone that bestows therapeutic effects just from having it close to the body. Studies in China, Korea, and Germany state that the Qi energy generated from jade removes fatigue, helps rejuvenate the body, and refreshes your mind.

Rock massage is a form of therapy that offers tremendous results to its subjects. A technique that uses hot and cold rocks to alleviate stress, reduce muscle tension, and align the meridians (aka. chakras), hot rock therapy is practiced by thousands of professional therapists worldwide. Since this healing practice has its roots in ancient civilizations, its no wonder many people prefer it to contemporary techniques.

Hot rock therapy begins similarly to traditional and/or Swedish techniques. The patient lays face-down on a table while the practitioner uses hand massage to rub oil into the skin. Once the patient is comfortable, the therapist applies hot rocks to various parts of the body in order to improve circulation and relax muscles.

After the massage, rest area and/or stretch it.

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