The New Forest (Shaolin) Retreat
Construction in progress, should be ready for the Fall of 2019.
(Work trades, for instruction are now available)

cLocated on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska, north of Hood Bay on an beachfront acre of spruce and hemlock, near the Tlingit Native village of Angoon. A land airport is scheduled to be built in Angoon in the next few years, with all studies and EIS Complete.

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Hike in 2 1/2 miles from road to cabin.

Hunter type A-frame cabin has wood stove, solar and windmill battery power, water from creek 1/4 mile away and rainwater recovery.

Main log cabin is within 30 yards,

Mainframe is completed with all 4 walls up, and a ceiling has been completed. The first floor ceiling is acting as a roof for the log cabin, until a roof is installed on the second floor, scheduled for Summer/Fall of 2019.

The current construction status is that the cabin is up to ceiling level, with all of the top 4 framing logs up. Second floor will be put up first, with supports, and ceiling hung from top floor. Now that the ceiling is up, everything is dry and a floor is being put in and it becomes livable. After that the second floor starts and roof above that.

Lifting pole added for winching up 4 x 8 foot plywood panels, and later second story construction

Mainframe completed, and roof panels up; with caulking and waterproofing 90% complete.
  • The East and Waterfront side have stacks of 9 length logs: 2(9) =18;
  • The North and South sides now have 10 logs high each, for 20. These two width logs go out further, as an overhang for the beachfront porch.
  • The support beams for the ceiling are up; with 90% of the plywood 4 X 8 foot panels up..

    Beams are spaced at two feet from centerlines; some unfinished sections have 6 foot span between the centers.

    Inside length will be 4(6) = 24 feet. An additional lengthwise support will be added also.

    This second floor will be 1/2 inch plywood, which will double as the first floor's roof; until the second floor is completed.
  • 18 + 10 + 10 = 38 logs up out of 38 for the first floor: DONE
    4 out of the 4 second floor support logs; are now up.
  • Support logs are now being put up at two foot intervals tom support the floor/ceiling.

The ceiling starts at 9 logs high on two sides and 10 logs on the other two sides for a total of 38 logs.

First floor will have 3 rooms; one main and two medium sized.

Guest house is a small alpine type hunter’s cabin (green door).

Live in the most direct relationship with the wild.

The conditions here support a subsistence lifestyle; living off the land.

One's metal is tested and forged here.

One is directly connected to the animals, and spirits.
God and Nature are undisturbed and in their raw and pristine form.

Living away from large groups of people, allows you to see what is beyond the machinations and artificial contraptions without translation.

Bait fish, salmon, halibut, red snapper, clams, crabs, prawns, sea cucumbers, whales, duck, geese, deer, are all around.

a 270 pound halibut was caught this year 150 yards of the front porch, in about 130 feet of water; salmon and red snapper are in this fishing hole, and occasionally a whale will come in close to feed here also.

Seaweeds, kelps, berries, and forest vegetation are lush in this rainforest.

This is the land where eagles dwell, literally 'the happy hunting ground'. A number of eagle families are nearby.

Eagles (click here)

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More on martial training in the book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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