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Northern Shaolin (BeiShaolin) Lohan


Both Shaolin and Lohan can be taught externally to Wu Shu types and intermediate students that are not committed to serious martial arts study. It used to be required that one stand in the Standing Pole (or Embrace the Moon) Qigong posture for at least an hour, in good form, with correct energy; before learning any of the forms. This is not a money maker; since most students will drop out before accomplishing this. Both the West and China are primarily geared to the money making commercial versions of what used to be Shaolin.

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In China you will see seated actors that they call ‘monk’, pose in a mediation sitting posture, outside theaters, temples and other money making events for tourists taking pictures. They will never be accompanied with any real Buddhism, lessons or any sincere meditation; they are a sham. They have phony monks posing like Wooden Indians outside their businesses, pretending to meditate. When asked about the meditation, they cannot explain any Buddhist meditation at all.

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Many phony Lohan Masters only do Lohan externally, and do not practice meditation at all, they only talk about it.

These commercial schools will rant and rave about meditation and Qi; yet they do not have any practices or any postings documenting the actual practice; because they do not have any, and lack advanced practitioners.

Shaolin Buddhist
Origin of Lohan

Da Mo, of Shaolin Buddhism; trained the monks in meditation and the concept of Shen. Shen is in the Upper Dan Tien (Third Eye) in the forehead. This is located in a type of valley between the two lobes of the brain.

The Shen can resonate with various energies and sense the supernatural. In meditation, the Shen feels like it is living in a deep valley; stretching further than you can see.

More on the Third Eye/Shen Valley

Grandmaster Sun Yuk Fun is shown holding Buddhist Meditation (Prayer) Beads, yet no one in has ever expanded on any Buddhist Meditation or Qigong. Why is this? Buddhism was banned in mainland China for decades and only recently allowed; but it was not banned in the United States. My Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Jack Man left Hong Kong to live and teach in the United States of America, and started the San Francisco Jing Mo Athletic Association. Wong Sifu performed the Lohan sets internally: soft and flowing, like he was riding a cloud.

‘Tracing back, Shaolin boxing originated from zen master Damo’s Eighteen Techniques (namely, the Eighteen Lohan Techniques). Damo passed it down to his disciples, Tan Zong and the rest, and they assisted the Tang Dynasty in pacifying Wang Shichong.’
FOOTWORK-TRAINING SET (LIAN BU QUAN), FOOTWORK-TRAINING SET, by Wu Zhiqing [1930], translation by Paul Brennan, March, 2011

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Lohan Concepts

  • Lohan means an arhat. An arhat is an individual seeking self enlightenment. It is sometimes thought of as an individual similar to a saint. Across the street from the Shaolin Temple is another temple containing life size statutes of 500 individual arhats.
  • Lohan quan means Arhat or Monk Fist. It is the name of a Buddhist style of Chinese self protection that is credited to the Indian monk Bodhidharma who taught in China during the sixth century C.E. The Eighteen Hands of Lohan is thought by some to be the original Shaolin routine. It is also written as Luohan quan.
  • Luo means to stroke something in a manner such as to pull it.
  • Luohan Quan means Worthy One Fist. This is the name of a pair of Shaolin style routines, large and small, Da Luohan Quan and Xiao Luohan Quan.
The David Brent Wolfe Dictionary of Chinese Martial Art Terms

‘The basic exercises, can be classified into the external and internal type. That with form (i.e. that which can be seen) belongs to the external and that without form, to the internal. The internal type aims at training the Chi. The sitting meditative method of the Shaolin School and the “Guiding Method” of the Wu Tang School belong to this category. The internal type is difficult to master without the assistance of a good teacher. ‘
Iron Palm in 100 Days, by Jason, Ying-arn Lee, page 7.

More on formless teaching methods

Lohan Bow

Starting Position

One first stands erect then sinks the energy into the earth with the foot stomp of the right foot.

Lohan is unique in that it transfers the body’s downward energy to one foot, rather than both.

Transferring the right foot stomp to the opposite side and sinking; is a very advanced method. This is difficult to see from the side view; but more apparent, from the front view.

Transferring the grounding Earth Qi to one side is done with some staff and spear ending bows, before a more centered grounding afterward with both feet included; as with Lohan.

The next move is similiar to the move following 'Gentle Breeze Waving the Willow Branches' in the internal BeiShaolin (Northern Shaolin) 6th SET (Tun Ta, Short Strike , SHORT FIGHTING).
The difference being that it starts from feet together, before going into the Horse Stance; then launching the opposisng sideward fists.

From this root, one exhales the right arm over to the left palm at the left side of the body; at waist level.

The palm to palm merge of Qi; is directed downward by the Lower Dan Tien, as one exhales and sinks; below the left foot with the Earth Qi.

Combined they push downward 'directed by the Lower Dan Tien and grounded into the earth.

This is done with a fist in; BeiShaolin (Northern Shaolin) 6th SET (Tun Ta, Short Strike, SHORT FIGHTING), 8. “hate the ground to uproot the onion”: an internal method for connecting to the Earth energy is used in the middle of the Northern Shaolin Sixth Set (Tun Ta or Short Strike), which has been documented as one move, #8; but is actually two moves.

This is not one move but two moves, a clear example of the limits of translating and so called experts who are translators primarily.
Sometimes this is translated as the downward arm movements (Stomp the Ground): Energy is transferred from one hand to the other; then as it is buried into the ground (as in loading up a spring) with the penetrating foot stomp. One injects and merges the ground with your energy, creating an internal type of springboard like drum, for which you the vault off of.

The earth energy is allowed to harmonize, and the stance is settled and grounded:

Heaven and Earth Chi connected.

Many static and moving meditative Qigongs in the book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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