Internal Arm Methods

Cat Paw

    Multiple Qi based assists analagous to multiple staged rocket propulsion methods wherin one strike\block aids to the power of subsequent block/strikes; dynamically.

  1. Circular
    Rolls of upper arms:
    vertically with palm or ridge hand
    horizontilly with willow leaf palm.

  2. Leapers

  3. Feeders
    Monkey; palm
    Snake; palm and top of back hand (snake head)
    all cats.

  4. Jupiter Effect
    Passing near a large force and being pulled into it.

  5. Tunneling
    Eagle Beak

  6. Pulsar Effect
    Revolve around a force or center and grabbing the energy from it.

  7. Tapping Releays
    Arrow type deflections
    Attention getting
    Jack hammer effect .


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