Internal Kicking

A kick that is snapped, originated in the knee, or relies on muscle; is an external kick.

For a kick to be internal, whether the knee is bent in a kick or not;
  • the force is focused by the Lower Dan Tien;
  • augmented with a drop, or push up from the other leg, and
  • has the hip thrown into it.

One's stance is very important in order to get the lower center of gravity, to stabilize the body before and during a powerful kick. For more information is strengthening your stance see:
Martial Stance, click here

Here are some good drills for building martial internal energy in a front thrust kick:

  • Get in a bow stance with one foot extended in front of the other. Throw a front punch with the rear hand (reverse punch), and as it goes forward, just past your body; start a front kick with the rear leg.

  • Test your kicking distance from a tree or wood wall by slowly kicking toward it, so that it barely touches the wall at its furthest extension.
    Then you step up a foot length towards the wall. Start the kick quickly then slow it down as you push yourself backward. As you progress in ability, move closer to the wall.
    Do not do any more than a few every other day, and up to 20 later on. Watch out for bone bruises, and eat a lot of calcium.
    This is not for beginners, only those who are advanced. Check with your doctor or Sifu before doing this.

  • Duck Walk is walking in deep low moving squating position without standing up. You are trying to stay as low as possible the entire duration of the walk. If your mobility in the lower body is not good enough to go this low, just try to go as low as you can.

    This helps the flexibility and strength in the hips. The exercise is strenuous, and can act as a leg strengthening and promotes balance.
    When you can do this for 30 feet, try steppig and throwing a kick in this low position.

  • Start with Hsing-i Horse's front hand doing an inside-to-outside upper block with the front arm which leads and pulls the rear leg's front kick, which leads the last punch.

See Hsing-i and the many martial and everyday methods of building your stance in the book Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout;

  • rear leg's step forward, which leads the forward movement with a knee strike that goes directy forward (rather than upward), before landing as a the new forward leg which pulls and leads the rear hand's front high inward striking punch.

    Using the 70 Pound Swinging Sandbag

    Try doing this forward knee strike alone, then with above combination. This I-O upper block, leading a kick, is also found in the Hsing-i Second Linking Set.

    Next due the same, with the rear leg being a front thrust kick, that is pushed from the hip/lower Dan Tien, just as the knee strike was.

    Variation, is to change the last striking rear hand strike to an inward elbow strike, when closer, or finish original front punch, sith a backhand.

    A series of kicking and striking combinations, are great for closing the gap, and difficult for the adversary to predict. Internals enable these combinations to build on each other and gain momentum.
    Some of these advantages are listed in: Martial Benefits of the Internal, click here

      Tai Chi Sequence For Building Internal Front Kick:

    • Snake Creeps Down
    • Snake Creeps Up
    • Golden Cock Stands on One Leg with a front thrust kick forward as a risng plam changes to a palm push
    • two more of the same forward, and then
    • one forward kick/palm thrust in place then stepping back ward, to check root, and balance into
    • a series of Repulse Monkeys.

    Do 100 front kicks in place (without stepping forward) in a row, as you turn in a circle, all above the waist; whithout snapping.

    Right afterwards, do 30-50 kicks slowly, bringing your knees as close as you can toward your chest.
    You might need to stretch before going to this second step, until you are used to it.

  • More on Traditional Internal Martial Training in my book
    Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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    Below is an Internal Kick of Hsing-Yi Dragon that propels the body forward,

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