Iron Palm based Hsing-i

Click here for Internal Iron Palm strike of telephone pole; bows the pole!

The still picture below, is based on the above moving photo of Kou Yu Chang: comparing the before and after of a palm break of a stack of bricks:

the rear hand drops and move slightly forward,

the rear elbow moves with the downward angle of the aligned two fists.

Internal Iron Palm is based on the same fundamentals as Hsing-i Metal, originating from Sun Lu Tang's version of the Hupei (Hubei) branch.

This is detailed in the internal method, analogous to the handle-to-axehead attachment, there is a line which connects the Lower Dan Tien to palm.

To reach a foundation and a deeper understanding of Internal Iron Palm, learn about the internal practices and theories of Hsing Yi, click here

When swinging a real axe against wood, the slide of the rear hand and angling the hand pair; are used to exert maximum leverage in splitting and chopping.

In Hsing Yi and Internal Iron Palm, the front hand/fist is swung out from the Lower Dan Tien:

  1. as the rear hand/fist aids the front striking hand/fist

  2. the rear hand/fist points to the front fist and through the target area;
    aiding in the upper martial focus, as the rear foot pedaling works with the front foot in 'scissor-stepping' does for the lower martial area.

Learn about how Qi helps with the power and penatration of blows at Martial Advantages of the Internal

In the still picture at the bottom:

  • the top red angled line is first frame which starts at the striking palm and ends at bottom where rear arm's fist was

  • the green line shows the backward movement of the rear hand along the Qi 'axe handle',

  • the bottom red line shows forward palm to rear fist connection of the later, second frame picture.
    as detailed in my book on Hsing-i Metal:
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
(click for more info)

The meditation based 'Round Method' of Iron Palm

His eyes look forward first, which leads the force of the rear hand's Qi, directing the Lower Dan Tien's energy through the bricks; as the strike is angled downward.


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