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Hsing Yi Earth

“The tearing of cotton is felt near the Lower Dan Tien between the two hands palms; as you exhale.

The action of the two hands in this inner-circle orbit, is as if they were each posts on each side of a revolving disc, on opposite sides of the circle. This feeling is heightened on the turn.

One can also focus on the keeping the two fists like a bolo:
  1. the front palm downward hand being on one side of the orbiting circle,
  2. the rear palm upward hand, being on the opposite side of the circle:
  3. each fist orbit on the same orbit-plane, equidistant; keeping pace with each other.

Tearing cotton focuses on grounding and power, the bolo orbiting increases the speed and surprise.”, from
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout

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Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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