In boxing when your right hand goes forward, the left hand pulls back as if tearing cotton or drawing a bow. This is done slowly, not abruptly. When your two hands go forward it is like pulling a cart. That is, just as your legs, not your hands, move the cart, it is your legs, not your hands, that impart sternght to your boxing. The rear foot holds strength as though you are going to leap off it across a ditch.
Kuo Yu Chang (Gu Ruzhang)

An old Shaolin exercise for this; is to walk up hill and/or on a narrow plank, carrying a 5 gallon bucket of water in each hand. Swaggering, and acting as if you were drunk (drunken style kung fu), while carrying the water; will show you where your Qi/Chi is.

Stand in your stance, near a railroad track, on a trestle or a bridge and see how balanced, centered, and low you can go; as the train passes by.

Being pulled with a rope by a car or tractor through the sand, shoeskiing.

Skriing (starting a small rockslide and riding it down the mountain).

River wading at a depth of thigh to waist, depending on current.

Sinking into the surf sand when the breakers come in, to a depth of thighs to waist, watch out for the undertow.

From Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, pages 52, 74-77, 140.

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