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Sailors are known for being well rooted, with their sea-legs OSS (Old Salt School). When they hit, they do so with their whole body.

To understand the mechanics of a sailing, one must know about the sail’s mast rigging, or masting. This determines the angle and focus, of the propelling wind force; and must be proportionate to the boat and sea conditions.

Masting must be balanced by the keel, or in internal terms: the moving root of the sailboat. A master that has not taken this into account, will have his boat rigging top-heavy, and a fish tailing boat, ready for capsize. With this setup the boat is whipped around out of control by the wind.

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When one uses a full length bull whip, one can knock another off their feet. If the whip handler is not firmly rooted, they will throw themselves when they crack the whip; a whippersnapper.

Another analogy of the term whippersnapper, is someone who has a lot of flair and noise for show only.

Many who do Qigong for health only or whose only internal training is Tai Chi, will lack the rooting foundation of a keel.

Knowing Yourself

Odysseus wanted to hear the Sirens' song although he knew that would drive him mad. He put wax in his men's ears so that they could not hear, and had them tie him to the mast so that he could not jump into the sea. He ordered them not to change course under any circumstances, and to keep their swords upon him and to attack him if he should break free of his bonds.

Vault Springboard

Hsing-i can be compared to the three preporatory steps one takes before doing a jump on the spring board for aquatics, or the pre-steps before a gymnastics vault (jump). In a gymnastics leap, or vault; just before the jump, the stance, rooting, centering and balance; are all in synch for the foundation of the launch. One springs from this newly formed stances foundation.

A moving root is critical to being adaptable in fighting. The old canons that were shot from the classic wood sailing ships, were not bolted to the decks because the recoil wood rip the decking of the ship's floor, where the canon was fired. The canon would be have the lower half of the mount anchored by bolts to the deck; a crude version being a chained one, that slid on wheels. The upper half of the more advanced version would slide on top of the lower unit, for going with the recoil. This version could be shot more accurately, but had less variations for shot angle.

The Internal can have your movements add to each other's power, without restarting. The same force protects you as it strikes. See:
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An experienced rifleman-hunter; can shoot a 30-06 or 12 Gauge with one hand; unbraced, if they allow for recoil in their arm's position.

Watch the Olympic hammer throw, and how they wind up before the throw; with their footwork.

Hsing-i is the three preparatory steps one takes before doing a jump on the spring board for aquatics, or the pre-steps before a gymnastics vault (jump). The starting point at a racetrack is referred to as a post.

The raised platforms mounted at one end of a pool where swimmers begin a race must be mounted for the correct launch trajectory of them entering the water.

Another analogy is the pumping the pedal of a floor pump; like the old manual pipe driven organs of medieval churches. Organettes were built in the early 20th century that used a pin-hole music roll with a pneumatic action; just like player pianos. Portable foot-pumped reed organs were used by U.S. armed forces in World War II.

Sprinters use starting blocks for getting an instant start. These blocks brace a runner's feet at the start of a race and consist of two angled supports adjustably mounted on a rigid frame that is anchored to the track. Hsing-i uses the two anchored foot/knee action in scissor-stepping.

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