Alternative First Aids
  • To start the heart, pinch the inside of the little finger, beneath the fingernail.

  • If heart massage is not possible, or not effective, slap the inside of the thigh, to force a pumping action through the femoral artery.

  • To stop bleeding, gently press legs on the inside of the leg, about 5 inches below the knee. Hold this pressure for several minutes, or until bleeding stops.

  • To stop internal bleeding (hemmoraging), Vitamin K taken internally, or make a tea with shepherds purse. Use 1 teasponn to 1 cup biling water and steep for severla minutes. Take 1 cup as needed.

  • Rushes help to stop excessive bleeding of menstration. Use 1 teaspon of the root and steep for 5-10 minutes in 1 cup boiling water. Drink at least 3 cups. needed.

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