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A slight turn of the sword direction, is all that is required to deflect another sword or staff.

The smaller the pivot, the less time spent; and the more momentum kept.

This same method is used in Hsing Yi, Tai Chi and Internal BeiShaolin (Northern Shaolin).

This is Hsing Yi Five Element Saber Fire; which is the same as the empty hand axe hand of Hsing-i.

It is easier to illustrate with a sword. One can feel this, but it is difficult to see the pressure and contact of the blocking surface.

When the pivot-blocking movement is combined into the striking move; it becomes a dynamic blocking-strike, or a cover.

Dynamic Striking Block/

Striking and blocking at the same time.

This is an advanced method incorporating a dynamic blocking strike, or 'cover'. If an arm is firmed externally, muscles are tensed; it slows the movement and interrupts the flow of Qi.

It is important for the arm to firm while moving, which is done with the Unbendable Arm flow of Qi. If an arm is firmed externally, muscles are tensed, which slows the move and interrupts the flow of Qi.

If an arm is firmed by muscle tension, the block's direction is changed, and in physics terms, a loss of velocity results. Losses of velocity equate to a slower speed and less potential power. This negative effect is compounded by the ricocheted effect of the block being deflected, no matter how small. Internally, this does not occur.

Jousting applies similar principles in the sliding contact area of the weapon. In fencing, the foil does so evenly in all directions.


To say how far a move should always be, is pure folly and speculation. Sometimes an opponent will be close, sometimes far. Sometimes the move will be applied in a short space, sometimes a long distance. There are times when the extended arm lengths will be different, as well as the same.

It is fine to focus most of the practice of a move, for what is usually encountered, but to be static in responding negates the feeling and adjusting aspects of the internal.

A bomb, missile or satellite with a fixed target, path or orbit, is defined as dumb.

When a traveling object, sensor, or computer program can adapt and change according to new input, it is called a 'smart system'.

A dynamic blocking-strike (striking-block) is launched; it responds to the opponent's motions, as well as the pressure of the contact area(s).

Internal responses can be done on the animal level brain which is at least twice as fast as a muscular reaction.

The fast 'Monkey Mind' is guided by the thinking (but slower) 'Horse Mind'.

The so-called emotional mind, Hsing (Xing), is not to be suppressed in (Hsing-i, Xing Yi, Xing-i); but guided by the thinking mind:
Animals use this emotional based mind because it is quicker;
it sends the senses to the thalamus, then to the amygdale in 12 milliseconds,
most 'civilized' people use the cortex which takes twice the time at 24 milliseconds.

More in the Hsing Yi manual under the Chapter Jousting.
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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