Crane and Hook Hand  

Hook / Crane Hand

One arm’s energy can act to mask, and pave the path of the next arm’s.

Used in BeiShaolin for:
stabilizers, bows, toranado kick, pendulum action in augmenting auxilarily and full body movement.

7-Star Praying Mantis:
same as above plus strikes, parrying and blocks.

upward blocking moves, chamber for accumulating Qi, before strike. Monkey:

Same as above plus augmenting full body upward movement.

The attack can be initiated in an almost cat-stance, with the front leg-hand lower postioned in front with elbow bent; while the hand goes up and down. Going down with a palm block,and coming up with a crane hand (fingers held together downward looseley hitting with forearm end of bent wrist at hhe hand).

Wrist loosness and flexibility is critical; see wrist stretches in Axe Hand Book

The Out & In Qigong in the book, builds this energy -
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, with more on Monkey

Tai Chi: stabilizers, rear back hand.

White Crane:
Index finger and middle finger of Eagle-Claw touching together at thumb,
airborne and upward launches of full body,
used in combination with front thrust-kick.

Jade Dragon:
All fingers of Eagle-Claw touching together at thumb for Eagle-Beak,
All of the above, 2-man Qigong set.

Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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