The New Forest (Shaolin) Retreat
(Work trades for instruction are now available, paid lessons available around 2013)
Stance Training

Thick Forest Soil
Deep Horse Stance
Heavy Pack
Tai Chi and Qigong (fixed and moving forms)

Easy to learn 5 move form and 101 move Yang style non-traditional form

Ba Gua Circle Walks, Throws, Locks, and Rolls, Forearm Qigong

Shaolin and Lohan Internals (Shaolin done fluidly with Qi, not bone and muscle)

Jade Dragon Form
Beishaolin/Northern Shaolin: #6 ,Tun Da (The Short Strike), # 7 ( Plum Blossom) , # 5, Mo I (Martial Art)
Lohan 1,2 & 3
Dynamic Strike/Blocking (Covers)

These allow a strike to change to a block; without loosing speed or power, and a block to chane and adapt to a strike.

7-Star Praying Mantis; Bot Bo

Prerequisite of 30 fingertip pushups and either 45 minutes Standing Pole in horse stance, or two consecutive 30 minutes Standing Pole in Cat Stance alternating front foot.

Chi Sau Qigong and Meditations

Hand Combinations

Hand - Leg Combinations


Attack Combinations

Iron Shirt

Throws, Falling and Throwing Your Body Into the Move

Advancded Meditations and Qigong

Iron Shirt

Prerequisite of a 2 minute V-sit or 200 sittups within 30 minutes.

Staff - Sho Shi No Kan Sho,
Hsing-i 5 Element Spear,
Empty hand requirement for weapons study:
Hsing Yi Five Element Saber,
two and three piece Nunchaku


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