Alternative Advanced First Aids

This is for first aid only, not to replace fully licensed medical attention, whether from a M.D., Acupuncturist, or hospital. To be applied, until a permanent medical solution is available.

The following, is for informational purposes only, and is in no way to be interpreted as diagnosis, treatment, or to take the place of training; whether from a Nutritional Doctor, Medical Doctor, Healer, American Red Cross, Acupuncturist, or Herbalist. It would best be used, by those already trained, to augment there knowledge base.

  • To start the heart, pinch the inside of the little finger, beneath the fingernail.

  • If heart massage is not possible, or not effective, slap the inside of the thigh, upward toward the heart, to force a pumping action through femoral artery, or slap the inside of underarms, using the brachial artery, toward the heart. Too much force could cause cardiac arrest or stroke, so be careful, and only use when they are going to die anyway.

  • If heart massage is effective, learn the Pre-Cardial Thump, for a jump start of the heart, then continue with heart massage.

  • Although mouth to mouth necessitation is the most effective, it only works when the chin is pointed upward to the sky, and you hear a return of fresh air, after exhaling into the victim. Some situations do not allow this, such as bad positioning, a broken neck, or intense vomiting and/or water in the lungs.

    a) alternative is to lie person on back, rescesitator at the feet of victim, in prone position, then cross their arms, folded slightly lower than the heart; press down and up for the exhale, and bring the arms quickly apart for the inhale. This will massage the heart also.

    b) for lungs being filled, the alternative is to lie person prone on stomach side, with rescistator on the head side of victim, and press your heel hands on a line between the armpits, in the middle of the lungs: press down for the exhale, then grab under the armpits, and pull toward the victims elbows for the inhale. The victims head, should be to the side, for expelling liquids form the lungs.

  • To start the heart, pinch the inside of the little finger, beneath the fingernail.

  • If bleeding has not been stopped with direct pressure, tourniquet, or pressure point, pirates would apply gunpowder, or alcohol to area, and light. Make sure not to have any clotting nearby to catch you, or the victim on fire. The shock of the burn and/or pain could kill victim, but if they will die any way, it sure sterilizes the wound!

  • To start the heart, pinch the inside of the little finger, beneath the fingernail.

  • For knockout blows, use acupuncture point Gall Bladder 20, located on either side of the back of the skull, where the skull meets the neck. This is the classic revival point, usually pushing upward. If this does not work, use CPR.

  • Another classic revival point, uses acupuncture point Kidney 1, located on the sole of the foot, in the depression between the mounts of the big toe and second toe.

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