Alaskan Bald Eagles
This is the land where eagles dwell, literally 'the happy hunting ground'.

Admiralty Island - Angoon

Angoon on Admiralty Island has the highest concentration of Bald Eagles and Brown Bears (Grizzlies) in North America. Dogs are common in the village and keep the bears at a distance.

Animal Talk

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

Do Animals Talk To Each Other the Way People Do?

Those are fighting words in the fields of animal and linguistic research. A lot of people are emotionally invested in the idea that language is the one thing that makes human beings unique. Language is sacrosanct. It's the last boundary standing between man and beast.

Now even this final boundary is being challenged. Con Slobodchikoff at Northern Arizona University has done some of the most amazing studies in animal communication and cognition. Using sonograms to analyze the distress calls of Gunnison's prairie dog, one of five species of prairie dogs found in the U.S. and Mexico, he has found that prairie dog colonies have a communication system that includes nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They can tell one another what kind of predator is approaching -- man, hawk, coyote, dog (noun) -- and they can tell each other how fast it's moving (verb). They can say whether a human is carrying a gun or not.

After another week alone in the wild, appears that I have been adopted by the resident Bald Eagles. They will watch me intently at times, while I comb beach or build log cabin. Bald Eagles build large nests, and I suspect that this same Bald Eagle on the log here, was taking in the construction method.

I have shared the multiple range of whistle cries with them before, but they have a different talking voice, not human of course. One started talking to me, just recently. I am just starting to understand the simpler cries and it will take an even longer time for the more complicated talk to be returned.

Whale and dolphin talk is already recognized.

I had talking interchanges with the Northern California Red Tailed Hawks before, but never knew Bald Eagles had a separate audible voiced, rather than their shriek.

Haines Bald Eagle Festival Chilkat Eagle Preserve Pictures

Martial Tai Chi Five Move Form
Shortest Form in the World
5 Move Old Super Short (OSS) Set

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Pay special attention in the above video link; to the Alaskan Bald Eagle at hand level. The Eagle seems smaller since he is perched about 20 feet away; which is over a cliff on a tree that has the trunk further down the cliff.

Still pictures at ofthe bottom of page.

Eagle Full Wing Circle
Energy Plane Vortex
Earth to Sky (Yang)

This Eagle Full Wing Circle, is a semblance of what an Alaskan Bald Eagle did over me, that did not have any gap in the wing-orbit, which had a rotating diameter of two wing lengths, exactly over my head about 25 feet, over ten times; without loosing altitude, or moving wings for uplift.

We were part of an Energy Plane Vortex between the Earth and Sky; a Yang characteristic; as was the Chinese Internal Martial Arts that I had just practiced there.

It could have continued longer, but I disengaged since I did not know what all what was happening, although I had some trust that it was good. It could of resulted in too much of a good thing, or me being whirl-winded into planes that I was unprepared for.

I have been practicing here for years, and the Alaskan Bald Eagles will fly by, perch in nearby trees, or trade calls with me, solo, or in groups of up to a dozen.

The next time I practiced, possibly the same solo Bald Eagle, cam up to a nearby stump, watched me go through my sets; Low Han, Hsing-I with Five Element Saber and Spear, Tai Chi, with Thirty Two Move Sword form, Praying Mantis, BeiShaolin (Internal Northern Shaolin, and Jade Dragon (Wide Circle Kung Fu).

More on animal's consciousness for martial arts in the book
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout
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